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If you suffer with acne or have a tendency to break out in spots, there’s a good chance that you’re religious about sticking to a skincare routine. However, if it seems like your skincare isn’t doing a good job, you could be missing one of these five things, which can all exacerbate acneic skin.

Dirty Glasses

If you wear glasses, the frames are probably in contact with your skin for most of the day and can harbour germs and bacteria from the sebum in your skin. Failing to disinfect your glasses can cause nasty outbreaks, but try to use a plastic-friendly cleaner if your frames aren’t metal as high alcohol content could make them brittle.

Wash Cloths

If you use a washcloth like the Dermalogica Ultimate Buffing Cloth or Elemis Luxury Cleansing Cloth Duo, they probably do a great job of keeping your skin clean. However, keeping your cloths clean is imperative, so make sure you put them through the washing machine at least once a week to keep bacteria at bay.

Spicy Food

Even if you don’t have a specific food intolerance, eating spicy food can cause an inflammatory response in your body, which can lead to spots and redness on your face. Try to avoid food which is too hot, or if you must indulge, use Dermalogica Breakout Control afterwards.

Hair Products

Hair products go on our head, not your face, right? WRONG! Hair products can spread onto your face throughout the day and can block pores and cause inflammation. Try to avoid hair products which are wax-based if you’re prone to acne, and ensure you wash your hairline thoroughly with Dermalogica Foaming Wash in the evening, once your hair doesn’t need to remain styled.


Got a partner with a beard, or worse, stubble? Well, we hate to break it to you, but spending an extended amount of time kissing and cuddling a person with facial hair can have a terrible effect on your complexion. As well as being abrasive to the skin and causing redness and irritation, beards can also harbour bacteria (unless the wearer is scrupulous about cleanliness) which can make acne worse.