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Pexels.comIt’s seems that the holiday season has already started.

Passports are being renewed.

Dog-sitters are being booked.

Bikinis are being chosen.

People are sharing their sunny snaps on social media.

However, if you are still undecided, do not worry, it’s never too late to book a summer break.

Whilst many people book up months, even years, ahead leaving things a later isn’t a disaster, you might just need to do a little more leg-work.

First things first, set dates. If you don’t want to get caught out by the biggest price hikes and busiest times, try to avoid going away during Whitsun half term week in May and the second half of August.

If you love it to be hot, going away in June might not give you the tan you want and if you have toddlers you might want to avoid the blazing sun in Greece in the middle of the summer.

Decide what kind of holiday you want to go on. Is it adventure, beach, spa, cycling, cooking, yoga or just sitting by the pool with a good book? Whatever it is, this is your time away so be sure you do what will make you happy.

Be aware of the world around you, this pretty key at the moment. If you are considering a country where there is political instability and terrorist threats, there may well be great deals but they might not be the best choice. Check details with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and take their advice.

Ask for recommendations. We can all look at glossy brochures and daydream over images on the Internet, but getting recommendations and feedback from family and friends about a hotel, town or villa could be more valuable than any online review.

Don’t forget Spain. If you’re looking for guaranteed sunshine, perfect sandy beaches and amazing food – Spain is a great choice. This country has destinations for everyone, and every budget. There are many flight options and the range of accommodation is as overwhelming as the welcome families receive.

Don’t be caught out by the promise of massive savings. Prices are changing all the time in response to demand making the original price of a holiday pretty meaningless.

What you do need to look at is what is actually included in the price you are quoted. To compare prices you need to factor in flights, meals, transfers and all the other elements of a holiday. You need to ensure you are comparing like with like. If there is a massive difference in prices, try to find out why – for example flights are included but baggage and reserving seats is extra.

Consider going for the all-inclusive option. These are perfect for families who want to know what they will be spending and are looking for excellent facilities, good food, sports as well as value for money.

If you like nature, how about camping? Camp sites across the UK and Europe offer a range of facilities and prices and this can be a fantastic way to take a last minute break that everyone will enjoy.

No one says you have to take the traditional two-week summer holiday. How about splitting up your time off? You could have a week by the Italian lakes early in the season before it gets too hot and busy, followed by a weekend at a holiday park and then a city break in the early autumn.

If all else fails, try a ‘staycation’. Without the stress of airports, passports, foreign currency and sun burn, you can still have a great, relaxing time at home with you and yours.

Whatever you do this summer, have fun.