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Beauty BlundersBeauty is one of those thing which requires good habits and discipline (most of the time!) but there are a few beauty blunders which many of us commit without even realising it. We thought we’d take a look at some of these blunders to help you to realise where you’re going wrong and maybe help you to change the habit of a lifetime.

Pumping Your Mascara Wand

This one is SO common, but pumping your mascara wand is actually a bad idea and could be destroying your mascara way before the end of its normal shelf-life, as well as making it more difficult to apply. Pumping the brush will force air into the tube which will ultimately dry the mascara out, and the pumping action also forces too much mascara to cling to the brush. This means that when you apply it, instead of getting even coverage, it could clump to your lashes unevenly and will be tricky to remove.

Putting Your Make-Up on in the Wrong Light

The best place to apply your make-up is by natural light and is the only way to ensure that you get an even coverage which looks the correct colour for your skin tone. Standing under light bulbs, especially the fluorescent ones which many of us have in our bathrooms, will drastically alter how the tone of our skin appears as well as the pigment of our make-up. Try to place your mirror next to a window, or if it’s nice weather, sit on the patio to do your make-up! Also – BLEND, BLEND, BLEND (and don’t forget your neck)!

Not Using an SPF

We know that having a tan is what most people want and that many people will opt not to use an SPF because they want to get one, but it’s a bad idea in the long run. We all know the risks of failing to use a decent sun cream and yet it still gets forgotten. Do bear in mind that it IS still possible to get a tan whilst adequately protecting your skin, giving you a safe way to get a glow.

Using the Wrong Foundation

When choosing a foundation, it’s not just the colour which is important to consider but the actual consistency, also. Using an oil-based foundation when you have oily skin will have you looking like you’re melting by lunchtime whilst opting for dry powders on dry or sensitised skin will leave you looking flaky. Using a primer for your skin type will also help to achieve a flawless finish.

Heavy Fake Tan

Okay, so we know we’ve already lectured you about tanning and that we should be HAPPY when you opt for fake tan, but there are LIMITS to how brown you should go! If you’re naturally fair skinned and opt for a fake tan which looks like you’ve coated yourself in Cuprinol, you’re going to look ridiculous. Use a gradual tanner which allows you to build layers of colour, giving you a natural finish.