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Aside from our love of beauty products which contain both highly scientific and natural ingredients, here at Pure Beauty, we also have a love for companies which have a sustainable ethos. Over the past couple of years we have added more and more products to our shelves which are from sustainable sources and can be reused as well as being free from damaging plastics. Today we are sharing with you five such products which we think should feature in every bathroom and make up bag. They also make fabulous gifts for encouraging your friends and family towards a more eco-friendly beauty routine.

The Sea Shed Exfoliating Soap Bag

This soap bag may offer a handy hanging solution for storing your soap in your shower or bath, but it actually does so much more than this. When used in conjunction with your favourite soap, it gently exfoliates and massages your skin to get rid of dead skin cells, invigorate and brighten your skin, as well as improving circulation. It’s made from certified sustainable ingredients, is vegan friendly, made in the UK and comes in recyclable plastic free packaging, meaning that it ticks all the boxes!

UpCircle Bamboo Cotton Buds

In the UK alone it is estimated that we use 1.8 billion cotton buds every year, most of which are made from single use plastic. Of this 1.8 billion cotton buds, around 10% of them end up being flushed down the toilet and therefore out into the sea, and during a 2018 study, 22 cotton buds were found for every 100m of UK beach. With this in mind, we added UpCircle’s bamboo cotton buds, which are biodegradable and plastic free, to our shelves. They are made from sustainable bamboo and make a perfect alternative to damaging plastic.

JoJo Glow Baby Microfibre Pads

Many people don’t realise that single use wipes actually contain plastic and are another significant factor in polluting the world’s oceans. Aside from this, many of them actually damage the skin on a microscopic level, so there are many reasons for switching to these Baby Microfibre Pads from JoJo Glow. They are reusable, recyclable and will protect your child’s delicate skin. They’re also super easy to use and simply need warm water to get the most out of them.

UpCircle Hemp and Cotton Makeup Pads

Another alternative to single use wipes, these hemp and cotton make-up pads are the perfect sustainable way to remove make up and keep your skin clean. The triple layer pads are made from 100% natural materials and can be used again and again for an eco-friendly cleansing method. There are seven pads in this pack, as well as a netting bag which can be chucked into the washing machine and washed on the low temperature to get them looking spic and span once again.

Zero Waste Organic Cotton Make Up Remover Pads and Wash Bag

Never ones to be left out when it comes to eco-friendly beauty, these cotton make-up remover pads from Zero Waste Organic offer different textures for different types of cleansing. As well as the cotton wash bag you will get four pads made from organic terry cotton to give a rough for more exfoliating finish and 12 soft pads made from organic velour cotton for use around the eyes and more delicate areas. They are machine washable and are made from cotton which has not been sprayed with pesticides.